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Experts Will Restore Your Smile

Your smile is a work of art: it deserves as much care and attention as any masterpiece.
Every staff member and surgeon at South Texas Periodontal Associates appreciates the value you place on your teeth. We make it our priority to add strength and beauty whenever possible.

We believe that an effective dental clinician combines advanced technology with timeless style, blending art and science to enrich your health and appearance.
oral hygiene services - South Texas Periodontal Associates
Establish strong oral hygiene routines right from the start.

dental implants - South Texas Periodontal Associates
Small titanium posts that replace the roots of missing teeth.

periodontal therapy - South Texas Periodontal Associates
Keep your natural teeth for life by maintaining proper oral hygiene.

gum disease treatment - South Texas Periodontal Associates
Many adults in the US currently suffer from some form of gum disease.

We offer convenience, compassion, and care.

While your smile deserves to be kept in a timeless state, we believe your periodontist should respect the fact that you have a busy life.

Your appointment should be as efficient and easy as your dentist should be friendly and gentle. We pride ourselves on delivering personalized care while saving you time and money with effective service.

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On behalf of every periodontist at South Texas Periodontal Associates, we look forward to helping you brighten the world with your smile.
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