Periodontial Services

Our periodontal services will restore your smile.

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Periodontists operate in a specialized field of dentistry, having been trained to prevent, diagnose, and treat periodontal disease, as well as a number of surgical techniques. Our periodontists are experts in periodontal treatments and dental implants, so you can rely on our practice for unmatched results.

Periodontal (Gum) Disease

Gum disease is an infection of the tissues that surround and support your teeth. Since gum disease is usually painless, you might not realize you are suffering from this issue. Commonly called “periodontal disease,” gum disease may be the result of the bacteria that is constantly forming on your teeth.
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Gum Disease and Overall Health

Bacteria and plaque don’t just threaten the condition of your teeth and gums; they are also a serious danger to your overall health. A few of the most common issues that patients suffer from include diabetes, heart disease, and various systemic diseases that will threaten your quality of life and may prove terminal. Researchers have found that it is not the bacteria itself that causes a problem with a dental patient's health, but the inflammation that is caused by the bacteria that causes the problems.

Maintenance and Cleaning

A “prophy” is the name given to a series of procedures where plaque, calculus, and stains are removed from all surfaces of the teeth just above the gum line. This action is performed with hand instruments, ultrasonic scalers, and coronal polishing. Only a licensed dental professional is qualified to determine the need for oral prophylaxis.

Periodontal Treatments

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Gum Graft Surgery

If you are lacking tissue in certain areas of the mouth due to gingivitis or decay, gum grafting may be called for. This process has been designed to repair the recessed area. You may be aware of this particular issue due to painful sensitivity.

Dental Crown Lengthening 

Crown lengthening, also known as "crown-elongation" or "crown-extension," is a surgical procedure that is performed when the tooth is too short to adequately retain restoration work (usually a crown).

Pocket Reduction Procedures

Bone and gum tissue should fit tightly around your teeth. If you suffer from periodontal disease, this supporting tissue and bone may be destroyed, forming pockets around the teeth. These pockets will become deeper, providing larger spaces for bacteria to live. Fortunately, our team is available to reduce these pockets.

Plastic Surgery Procedures

Have you grown dissatisfied with the look of your teeth? Thanks to our plastic surgery procedures, it’s never been easier to provide cosmetic improvements to a patient's smile

Non-surgical Treatments

Scaling and root planing is a special type of treatment that goes deeper BELOW the gum line to remove contaminated debris and bacteria, most often performed on patients with active periodontitis. We offer all sorts of non-surgical treatments to best serve your needs.
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