The root of your smile!

From the time you first walk in the door, your successful treatment is our top priority. Periodontal health is the foundation for your smile, and our chosen specialty is maintaining that foundation. Learn why our periodontal dentists offer the very best non-surgical and surgical care available in San Antonio.

Our Periodontal Doctors

| South Texas Periodontal Associates

Adam Christman MS DDS MSD


Dr. Christman is a native Midwesterner. After completion of his dental and periodontics degrees from Indiana University, he worked in dentistry and periodontics in Illinois, Indiana, and Maryland prior to coming to Texas.

He is excited to be working with South Texas Periodontal Associates, and is looking forward to getting integrated into the San Antonio community.

Our Periodontal Staff

Jamie Buckner

| South Texas Periodontal Associates

Karla Finger


Having started my dental hygiene career at the age of 20, I have had a very diversified journey throughout the years. I have worked in just about every setting that is available in dentistry, including all institutions and specialty clinics. I have always been interested in the periodontal aspect of dentistry and have therefore worked in that capacity as often as possible. My desire to be engaged with periodontal patients therefore lead me to work here at South Texas Periodontal Associates 16 years ago.

I enjoy my patients here, while teaching them the many ways of achieving optimum periodontal and overall oral health. I am also fond of my South Texas Periodontal Associates Family.

I am currently transitioning to “City Life” from rural living and finding I am enjoying the many amenities available to me.


Our periodontal dentists use the latest dental care technology and procedures to minimize discomfort and maximize results. If you’re looking for the very best dental care available in San Antonio, Texas, call us today.